How does REVIAN compare to Capillus?

How does REVIAN compare to Capillus?

The REVIAN system, with wireless Smart Cap and digital app, is different than CapillusRx in several key ways:

Precise LED vs Laser

REVIAN does not use lasers; REVIAN only uses precision LEDs (119 in total). We use LEDs primarily because they enable us to dial-in the precise nanometer of wavelength necessary to trigger the mechanisms of action in cells. Our independent research and clinical trial has shown our combination of 620 and 660 nanometer wavelengths activate more biological changes in the cells to renew their vitality than lasers. Laser products use a more generic red wavelength of around 660 nm that is not as effective by itself. 

The results that you see on our clinical results page are the top-line results from our recently completed trial. You can see some of our early images at

The second reason is that LEDs emit a much wider angle of light, bathing the scalp in overlapping cones of light. Laser products are much more tightly focused and only target discrete spots on your scalp. We’ve proven that our LED light penetrates the skin fully to the needed levels to affect the cells, but with more complete coverage compared to laser diodes. You’ll find REVIAN's competitors offer higher-priced models with higher quantities of laser diodes that still do not offer the same level of complete coverage as REVIAN.

Third, our LEDs are light and thin. This allows our cap to be much more flexible, lightweight, and moves our light sources further away from the scalp to provide even more coverage.

All red light devices have an FDA limit on how much energy they are allowed to deliver, and regardless of the number of laser diodes or LEDs used, the FDA regulates them the same way. Both the CapillusRX and Capillus PRO with 272 lasers have 6 minute per day treatment times. As the number of lasers used per cap increases, the treatment times decrease proportionally to keep the irradiation on the scalp with the same. Total energy delivered on a weekly basis is consistent.

This passage is taken directly from the Capillus website:
“Although the number of diodes have increased in the CapillusRX™ hat, there is no change in technology or indication of use. Therefore, there is no change to the product’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance.”

Digital App

We know that consistent daily use is key to seeing benefit with light therapy. In our clinical trial we focused on 10 minutes per day, every day, with a motivating app controller. 10-minute daily treatments help create a habit, to ensure the therapy is best received over time, and are also short enough to fit easily into any lifestyle.

With the REVIAN app you can not only control the treatments, but you can keep up with your status, view photos of your progress, and set reminders to treat. We want to walk through the treatment process with you, and will continue to build more features into the app to provide education, easy communication, and analysis of your hair growth journey. If you succeed, we succeed!

Smart Cap Design - Wireless comfort and ease of use

Unlike Capillus, which has a corded battery/controller (it is often hidden in photos), REVIAN is completely wireless. It is also very lightweight, weighing only 5 ounces - light enough to forget you are wearing it! It is rechargeable and has the ability to treat several times before needing to be recharged. The cap's sensor senses when the cap is on or off your head, so if you need to remove it temporarily, the treatment will pause when removed and restart when you put the cap back on. The cap is also easy to travel with, as it is slightly flexible and is easily fits within your personal items for storage. We have members that travel with their cap regularly, even internationally.

Lastly, REVIAN offers a 100% money back guarantee. We are in this with you! If you have not had positive, satisfying results after a 6 month period using the cap at least 80% of that time, will refund 100% of your money. 

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